A Message For People Who Want to Change the World | Kid President Travel Show Ep2

Robby and Brad travel to Selma, Alabama to meet some kids making a difference and a woman who was a freedom fighter during the Civil Rights Movement.

Ms. Joanne Bland was 11 years old in 1965 and marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, John Lewis, and many other brave women and men in Selma, Alabama. She was there on Bloody Sunday. She and her family helped protect people from the Klan. She was there at the start and the finish of the voting rights marches. She now leads tours and conversations for young people today to help them understand the past so they can live for a better today.
Her instagram: @journeysforthesoul_joannebland

Jerria Martin is an awesome grownup who cares about kids. She heads up a group of young people in Selma known as the Hope Dealers. They lead community initiatives around being better citizens, living drug-free, and even host their own radio show. Through art and music and film, they’re reshaping the stories kids in Selma tell about themselves and about their place in the world.
Their website:
Facebook page:
Instagram: @dchopedealers

The team at Edmundite Missions in Selma opened their doors and hearts to us as they walked kids through the brand new community center they’re building for the people of Selma. They’re working daily to meet the immediate needs of people in their community, while also working to address the long term issues of systemic poverty in the Deep South. It’s big work and it takes big hearts.

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