President Trump and Nikki Haley's complicated relationship

Former Ambassador the UN Nikki Haley released her memoir reflecting on her time in the Trump administration. Through excerpts and numerous press appearances, many political watchers are wondering, what is Haley’s political future? Chris Cillizza walks us through Haley’s potential prospects.

Trump’s UN Ambassador Nikki Haley resigns

Nikki Haley ‘not a fan’ of Trump — but still going to vote for him

Nikki Haley to staff on Charlottesville: ‘We must denounce them at every turn’

What Is Nikki Haley’s Angle?

Nikki Haley criticizes Trump’s Syria withdrawal: Leaving allies to die ‘is a big mistake’

Nikki Haley says Trump was always “truthful”

Nikki Haley discusses future political aspirations, urges ‘Anonymous’ author to come forward.

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